The Westboro Baptist Headache


The Westboro Baptist Church has been in the news recently for it’s decision to picket the funerals at Sandy Hook, and for the petition posted on the White House’s “We The People” website, requesting the WBC be formally recognized as a hate group.

So, I had a funny thought: if the afterlife does exist in the manner the WBC imagines it, doesn’t that mean – with their perpetual message of hate – the WBC members are all heading head first into the abyss they so gleefully assume they’re avoiding?  The above cartoon is what I imagine their punishment would be in the version of Hell depicted in “Dante’s Inferno.”  The members of Westboro Baptist Church spend their lives on earth full of [excrement], and the Devil waits for them in Hell, beer funnel full-o-fertilizer, to damn them to an eternity full of [excrement].

Admittedly, this cartoon is a bit of a departure from the original intent of my strip, but I thought the issue was worth commenting on.  To me, the best way to defeat ignorance and hatred is through laughter.  Making the effort to get angry at these people, in my opinion, is giving them too much credibility; paying them more mind than they’re actually worth.

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