Won’t the Real Anti War Left Please Stand Up?

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The U.S.’s targeted killing program has been in the news recently after the U.N. announced it would conduct a formal investigation into the casualties caused by said program.  At least two permanent members of the U.N. security council anonymously requested this investigation (suspected to be China and Russia), along with Pakistan, which has requested repeatedly for a halt to U.S. drone strikes, as the program violates their sovereignty.

The U.S.’s targeted killing program began facing heavier scrutiny after the Bureau of Investigative Journalism released a report stating as many as – at the time of the report’s release – 881 civilians had been killed outside of recognized battle zones.  The high end of the civilian casualty estimate has since risen to 891.

One reason for the relative silence of the ‘anti-war left’ over the U.S.’s targeted killings is the similar silence in the mainstream media over the issue.  I, personally, was late to learn of the program for that exact reason.  It wasn’t until the story found its way to me through more independent media channels that I began to speak up about it.  Well… at least that’s the optimistic point of view; the cynic might say that this is “party politics at is very lowest,” and that, in the eyes of liberals, Obama can do no wrong.  However, there’ve been at least a few self-described liberals to publicly criticize Obama for the civilian casualties caused by targeted killings: one of them is Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks.”  Below is a video of him speaking about the program.  It gets really interesting when he mentions something called “double tapping.”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9Trh8iwNt8&w=560&h=315]
  • michaelgaia

    Quiet? i am shining a bright light everywhere i find darkness!

    Frogs on Boil with a Case of the Gas Chamber Syndrome…
    by michael hall

    Da red white and blue flying high and majestic
    the clean-cut troops so young and strong fighting for their country
    what a meiotic service for gold they march and perform…but for whom?
    if our enemy is ferocious why do we kill their women and children over there and they never come here?

    Tell me america, what afghan has ever bombed your town?
    what afghan terrorist has ever broke down the door to your home terrorizing you and your family?
    what afghan soldier has ever killed your sister brother son or mother by bullet bomb or drone in your own neighborhood?
    why do you do to them what you came here and did so long ago so consistently?

    Everyone over here supports the troops…so they would need you to believe
    everyone within worships the military like it was a sinless unquestionable demi-god
    everyone is expected to obediently blindly support without question
    everyone in the usa needs to find out what is done in their name

    Where is the Iraqi child walking the streets in his home who ever did you harm?
    what Iraqi woman wondering what dreams will manifest in her life ever fired a tank shell at your town then giggled on video?
    which Iraqi man has ever come over here to militarily occupy your nation since you posses what he craves?
    why did you terrorize and occupy for so many years at the price of your soul?

    For just like good german villagers in Bavaria back in 43
    living oblivious to the horror in the smoke coming from the ovens just over the next hill
    a white rose roared to wake up the sleep pretenders but were guillotined for daring to alight conscience
    70 years later a whistleblower here in the land of the free who did the same thing might suffer the same fate

    Do you have any idea concerning the sickening suffering that your support inflicts?
    do you know the numbers or the names of the dead, of the wounded, of the orphans…do you even care?
    i wish i could see all the names of everyone who has suffered from usa military
    float down from the sky on a piece of paper on every school, on every church, every town and government office in the good ol’ united states of mordor

    Ah but of course you’ve absolved yourself of responsibility & accountability so such an act would faze few
    for you’ve anointed yourself a good christian, an exceptional, an indispensable city on the hill
    you have an untouchable conduct code, a civic compass & always the impeccable moral high ground
    collateral residue your taxes pay for as a condolence payment & its blood money but does it really pay?

    The anguish you inflict is beyond any justification at any level for any reason
    the agony of xenophobic abuse you support with fireworks &hot dogs is a shackle & chain you must bear
    the cost of your sins will reverberate through time and your nation will be synonymous with evil
    the suffering you ignore is the price your kids will pay

    You’re manipulated by manufactured fear
    you’re dissonant frogs slowly being boiled in your own excretion
    you’re a battery, bled milked cheated and above all, lied to
    you’re a empire of pompous consuming locust who are afflicted by the Gas Chamber Syndrome…

  • michaelgaia

    Medal for a Crime
    by michael hall

    Your spun a lie as a patriotic shield so that you’ll kill more easily without guilt or remorse
    and it doesn’t matter if your team is russian,german or american
    serve to eradicate any at the order of others who own you…for a flag, for a buck, for ‘legal’ robbery
    consequently for if you do your killing well your ceremonially given a medal for committing a crime

    So then they ship you to a land you’ve never heard of
    to terrorize families who’ve never done harm to you or yours
    but they tell you must ‘fight for your country or your country will die’
    they tell you God is on your side…

    But what God sends his own children to slaughter his own children
    when we are commanded not to kill?
    what God sanctions torture to be cruel
    when, we are demanded of to follow the golden rule?

    Where is the God who would strafe a village
    when collaterally or otherwise children are killed by your own violence
    what God i dare you to stain who would profane his name by such nefarious action?
    What religion tells any of us to kill for greed and selfishness?

    You join a gang of killers who are dogmatically worshiped beyond reproach
    your brainwashed into longing to murder with mob-lust by whoever gives you a command
    your absolved of conscience and guilt by whatever you do in your countries name, what gall
    then when your tour is over having cashed in for your services, you might even get a shiny medal

    But they never told you about when you go home
    horror folded with military precision within your duffel bag
    they bequeathed you a soldiers heart that never misses a beat
    the moral injury that eats at your soul every night and day
    at the VA they tell you be a good soldier and just go away

    You stare at the medal they pompously gave you for hours and hours days upon days
    yet once again, you take it to the bathroom traumatized & obsessed, you scrub to wipe away
    to wash the innocent blood off your radiant medal but it never washes away…
    and your red hands are just one pair of many many misplaced

  • michaelgaia

    Dulce Et Decorum Est III & A Taste of Armageddon
    (or the empire has no clothes but a disposition matrix)

    by michael hall

    In due homage to Horace, Owen and Mikhail i humbly nod
    for how sweet & glorious it must be to kill or die for God & country by pompous duty with dishonor
    so c’mon kiddies, any up for good jingo sport?
    who’s hungry & poor, who wants to play the hubris ‘anything for profit’ killing game?

    As effusively embedded newspapers rah rah their pied pier patriotism with journalistic integrity & objectivity ha ha!
    as a new battle lies just around the corner & armed forces day just weeks away hooray!
    rally loyal citizens to whitewash warm innocuous blood off disgraced musket & sullied polluted flag
    strike up the marching parade manifested by destiny down main street usa hey hey!

    Awaken & open thine eyes chauvinistic folk, come & see your overseas deeds of nefarious brutality
    given that your liable for this appalling tax-paid violence you’ve exported to hamlets & villages on human beings
    assaulting families who’ve never did you any harm in lands you’ve never heard of, nor care less for
    so step on up, one & all, for everyone here is accountable & responsible for this odious debacle

    Take a trip to the overflowing morgues filled with small smashed bodies, once were toddlers full of laughter & life
    deeply inhale the rancid stench of scorched flesh crispy burnt to a black bubbly mass by phosphorus
    gaze into doll dead eyes frozen forever by shock & awe renditioned via your God blessed terror raining down
    from atop a cold gurney a stiff finger of a tiny hand amidst a pile of mangled flesh is pointing at you war supporters

    Watch as grief-stricken fathers zombie-wander in shattered silence
    sifting through ragged debris & devastating destruction searching for lost sons & missing daughters
    discovering ripped wet mangled body parts strewn out as pieces of a human jig-saw puzzle
    taking home the ear, the hand, the foot to be quietly buried while 6000 miles away ‘heroes’ giggle & dub this ‘bugsplat’

    Harken to the heart-piercing shrieks as soul-torn asunder mothers wail like howling wild animals
    as they find their loves buried, broken & bloody in the rubble of your glorious works
    then if you can, please explain to the unresponsive moaning neonatal orphan
    why your armed forces just murdered his parents…by accident, then wave a condolence payment in his face

    Celebrate as your special op-forces silently & quickly dig our bullets from civilian bodies
    to cover their tracks from being at the wrong address…again
    declare as a holiday murdered women at a bridal shower or when 4 kids are droned to smithereens while tending sheep
    rejoice in exported evil exploits as great american victories for which your war crimes always are

    Trust flim-flam, the PR propaganda spin from your MSM complicit mouthpiece
    praise your taxes which finances anglo-terrorism through illegal & immoral aggressive violence
    raise your false flag ever higher to cover the rising pile where the butchered lie
    however dear good christian citizens, do not trust that any civic rag could ever soar over the sick slaying of the innocent

    Consider Fallujha surrounded & caged, then the cowering cringing unarmed civilian inhabitants
    shot, burned & barbequed like slaughtered sitting ducks in a ‘free-fire zone’ shooting gallery
    ponder upon your sanctimonious attack at a school in Bajour where 69 children are massacred by joystick
    this is Sand Creek, Wounded Knee, My Lai, Haditha, & other mass-media contorted & distorted great triumphs
    which to no doubt in my mind, the next war crime called a ‘battle’ will be anointed too, of course, ta! ta!

  • michaelgaia

    war is horrible…but
    war is such a horrible thing but what choice do we have
    when across the pond they won’t sell us their gasoline at a price that we demand
    why we have no other recourse since we crave to force the world to be democratic and free
    we are the world’s policeman so what we says goes and what we say is that you obey

    support the troops or your a traitor then you’ll get kicked out of your church
    support the troops without question or you will lose your job
    support the troops submissively or you’ll be ostracized
    support the troops means that you support what they do

    we believe in law but we place ourselves above it
    we believe in following rules as long as we make them
    we are a christian nation but we practice not the message
    born by empire by supporting troops the end will be the same

    when you live on above on a pedestal surrounded by a deep vast moat
    fantasy and fiction is your reality
    you convince you and yours
    that the most base and vile things you do are for a ‘good cause’
    or its for their own good whether or not they want you there with a gun in your hand, arrogance in your strut
    you simply bribe the oligarchy in a foreign land
    and you get away with murder….literally

  • michaelgaia

    War supporters don’t have to think
    they just do as they’re told then they get to eat
    troop supporters never question nor wonder
    they buy flags made in china and then they clothe themselves quite warmly woven by foreign indentured servants

    patriots march as one to their master’s bidding
    they call it freedom and democracy without a whisp of question or dissent
    as they send their kids to kill and die for mammonism
    who have learned from public schools that being a good citizen means to do as you are told

    go the mall and do some shopping
    consume into debt obesity is your duty to the state
    vote for whoever when we tell you
    no matter that the face is on the same head with strings from the same puppeteer

    pay your taxes without question
    never mind that yours rises while the rich decline
    feast on the crumbs we toss you
    bow on your knees in gratitude or you’ll be under surveillance
    that is all…

  • michaelgaia

    white roses flutter from above…

    Just another day in der loyal homeland
    when the unfaultable troopers are, without a figment of dissent, honored as gods
    in every school at the churches awash in perpetual patriotic self-praise at the pied piper parades

    at each & every sporting event every time over & over, piled upon more &more until you snap to nationalistic attention automatically
    & its always the same self-deluding gratuitous perpetual grandstanding xenophobic bs

    Stars will be spangled & the band will be playing as tears gush from pious eyes
    eloquent speeches full of bravado & glory for hired guns who execute the bidding of the opulent oligarchy
    sobs streaming with prideful gratefulness amplified by thunderous clapping

    just as the warriors arrive mechanically clutching their soldiers hearts
    stoic & resolute as toy soldiers always are
    red-eyes raised high to the flag whilst under crackling boots broken little bodies called bugsplat crunch

    the little school children set up in the front row like cannon fodder bowling pins lined up for the next frame
    as one synchronized complicit machine good obedient citizens stand to pledge
    and it looks so mechanically precise very snake-oiled shined indeed

    waving majestically untouched above the rule of law the red & white and blue so pure & true
    the monotone response with nary a dissent or discord as they speak as one
    they pledge blind obedience to a most cruel deception

    just as the patriotic explosion reached its climatic crescendo
    something happens that no one could foresee or anticipate
    a horn sounded from high above & then white pieces of paper start fluttering from the blue sky

    they shimmered as they twinkled & spun like stars on a dark night
    gently, quietly spun and descended
    each & everyone a name of a victim of a child that these heroes killed

    Hundreds came down
    thousands upon thousands
    a rolling blizzard of papyrus and silk as it slowly piled to the ankles #& then the thigh, higher and higher

    every forgotten name from every decimated nation, every Mexican who was murdered defending his land every freedom fighting flillipino,every viet, every afghan, Iraqi, Yemenis, Paki kid slaughtered for freedom
    so many kids from so many lands & they kept falling as they kept rising from the floor

    every non soldier from every land where the American military has slaughtered for profit, plunder & policy for national interests every child, every orphan, every crippled son & daughter
    names in blood as red as red could be

    upon each & everyone a photograph of each and everyone
    every child, mother, sister brother father cousin uncle & aunt of those who suffered from the military
    silence hushed the crowds as the horn note played on an on was never faltering, never wavering

    Then as the last piece fell, as a great silence screamed from the past into the present
    you could just discern the gentle sobbing of a school girl
    a cry of shame, horror, pain for all the victims that surrounded her, reached for her, touched her

    as she slowly laboriously raised her head and looked out the school window
    a blue sign caught her eye and she read; ‘war is not the answer’
    next she softly wept more….she wept for the children, she wept for the solders, she wept for the victims of militarism, she wept for the cost of the colossal lie she now saw through with the lucid sight of a child

    then without fanfare she prayed for a better day when people would war no more & especially worship no more the warrior and the violence they achieve
    but she wept & prayed quietly for she was afraid of what others would say

    Next day the newspapers headlined; ‘Great Terrorist Attack from the Sky’
    the president called for heads to roll of course as usual congress rolled too but on its back
    anyone caught with any of the notes was subject to indefinite detention by secretive executive order

    all the notes were assembled confiscated shredded then burned in a great bonfire at the white house
    for homeland security, for national interests & to protect and ensure the American way of life
    the military was sent all over the world to bomb terrorize, rendition, imprison & drone those responsible

    But one little school girl named Sophie talked with her friends as they hid in secret
    they stared at their crumbled notes with the names of the innocent murdered children
    in the dark with a flashlight hidden in the closet they whispered, sniffed and conspired

    they made a pact that one day some day as they grew up
    all the notes were going to be in every school book, in every locker, in every pew in the land…..
    on each and every note in the upper corner
    the emblem of the white rose next to the child’s photograph…

  • michaelgaia

    iraqi soldiers against the war, afghan soldiers against the war, drone watch,noam chomsky, worldcantwait.org, FCNL(national committee on National Legislation) Democracy Now.etc…So many are against the war and as a matter of fact, the MAJORITY are against war, against violence….! Problem is the 1% who control the media and the government refuse to allow the Pro-Peace voice to be on MSM…

  • lol

    re: the person who commented previously

    what a mouthful.

    • michaelgaia

      lol; they call ‘poems’. A cultural feast that is fed upon in an enlightened,grown-up society and it ours,culture is rehashing comic books at the movies,lip-syncing divas at inaugurals, sports hero cancer victims who lie through their teeth for years…