What’s the REAL Solution to Marriage Inequality?


People have been celebrating the recent marriage equality victory in the Supreme Court.  While I think this ruling is long overdue, I believe the majority of us have been glancing over a more primary question: why must we ask the government for permission to marry in the first place?  Isn’t anyone else a little unnerved by the idea of a complete stranger sitting in an office somewhere, with the power to tell you who you may and may not share your property and liability with? Continue reading

Can We Really Stimulate Our Way To Prosperity?


There are many people who can detail the rationale behind this comic far better than I can.  Below are a few links that touch on the concept illustrated in this cartoon – some directly, some more peripherally.  Of course there are technical differences between fiscal stimulus and monetary stimulus, but from the point of view of the average consumer, the effect is the same. Continue reading