#TriggerWarning — I Submit The Halfth Amendment

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Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, and Our Feels — Oh My!

Progressives, it’s time to start weeding out your crazies. Listen, I get it — your crazies provide a useful service. In particular, they are exceptional at pissing off the people that piss you off. However, in every single legitimate issue that Progressives raise (yes, Conservatives — Progressives do that once in a while), you have two groups of people: those who actually care about the issue, and those who pretend to care, as a means of servicing some other dishonest end. Most often this dishonest end is a perversion I’d call “moral narcissism.”

What’s the REAL Solution to Marriage Inequality?

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People have been celebrating the recent marriage equality victory in the Supreme Court.  While I think this ruling is long overdue, I believe the majority of us have been glancing over a more primary question: why must we ask the government for permission to marry in the first place?  Isn’t anyone else a little unnerved by the idea of a complete stranger sitting in an office somewhere, with the power to tell you who you may and may not share your property and liability with?